Let’s talk about crazy…

24 Jul

Let's talk about crazy...

So let’s talk about this word “crazy”…it has so many levels. I don’t think anyone thought that Amanda Bynes would hit this level…a lot of the media has called her behavior bizarre and even attention-seeking. However, she took it to a different level last night after setting two fires in a residential area. Yes, folks, we’re talking arson.

By no means am I a criminal mastermind, but I don’t think you’re supposed to stick around the scene of the crime…but that’s what Amanda did. She admired her fire until the police arrived. When asked about her role in the fires, her responses were so erratic, she was placed on a psychiatric hold.

Who knows what will happen next for this child star, but if you see her walking around in her crazy wig and a can of gasoline…RUN LIKE CRAZY! I’m just saying…


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