Meek Mill Says PAY UP!

10 Apr

Meek Mill Says PAY UP!

So Meek Mill is all about the come up for him and his crew. Rumors have been circulating around the world that he charges fans $100 to take a picture with him after his concerts. Well, he wants to set the record straight…you ready?

Meek denies that he charges for pictures from fans, but his crew might! He said that his crew might charge at a concert for a fan to get backstage so they can get a little money. And he says…that’s the fans’ fault! Apparently other artists charge even more so he sees no problem. So the next time you see Meek, make sure you have the CASH!

But wait, there’s more…

Meek Mill defended Rick Ross saying that he doesn’t care about his recent lyrics about slippin Molly in champagne and having his way with a girl. He said it’s nothing…not that serious because other rappers say worse things than that. He said most rap is about killing and drugs. (My thought: So why are we up in arms about a little date rape?) He said Biggie and Eminem have had similar lyrics and there was no controversy…

Meek may be on to something…[blank stare]

Why should we raise our standards for what artists are putting out for our kids and young people to hear, recite, and learn what is acceptable? We should just go with the flow because it’s always been this way…right? Let me know what you think!

Sidebar: Interviews shouldn’t be for everyone…I’m just sayin!

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