Don’t make me turn this plane around!

08 Mar

So, things have been relatively quiet for Chris Brown so I’m not too surprised he’s back at it again. He allegedly got into a “squabble” with his longtime bodyguard Pat and left him in Bermuda. I won’t leap and say a “fight” because that would be crazy…peep the size difference.

So let’s talk…

Is Breezy or any other star entitled to switch up their security team? Of course! My issue is that Pat is the bodyguard that took a bottle to the head (not in a good way) the night of the brawl involving Drake last summer. I think a little courtesy was due here…he could have at least let him fly back to the states in the jet instead of having that man fly JetBlue!

In other news, shortly after returning to the States, Breezy got into with valet because he felt some sort of way about paying $10 instead of $5. Chris…Keep calm and pay the $10! I’m just sayin!


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