Starter Wives…Beginning to End

20 Feb

Starter Wives...Beginning to End

So network TLC’s “Starter Wives Confidential” aired a few episodes. You may be asking…what show is this? Well, clearly there’s no reason to wonder because it was canceled ALREADY! Supposedly, it was going to feature ex-wives and girlfriends of Lamar Odom, 50 cent, DJ Funkmaster Flex, and others of that artist and ball player lifestyle.
Anyway, 50 cent tweeted an apology to the cast of “Starter Wives” for having the show pulled from the network. He hopes they find work… Ladies and Gents, this is a classic READ! (see definition below) But in all seriousness, the show was canceled due to poor ratings. The remaining episodes are available on the network’s website (just in case you’re wondering). I’ll pass on this one.
Lesson: When someone “READS” …they are doing more than “throwing shade” or “trying it” which is more subtle and leaves more to the imagination. However, a READ is straight to the point. Here’s a little more detail…an artist hitting the last top note and dropping the mic (or other dramatic finish), a boxer with the last shot TKO, or the “YO MAMA” joke that leaves all the bystanders with the “DAAANG, those are fighting words”. There you go: READ. Try using it in a sentence today…I’m just sayin

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