A Couple Things about Clive Davis

20 Feb

A Couple Things about Clive Davis

Clive Davis has a released a memoir called “The Soundtrack of My Life” and it seems to be rubbing at least one star the wrong way. On his business relationship with American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson, he stated that they didn’t always see eye to eye ESPECIALLY regarding some of her biggest hits. Kelly responded saying that he must have his stories and songs confused. I think Kelly tried it right there…the man is 80 years old! She said, “growing up is awesome because you learn you do not have to cower to anyone… not even Clive Davis. “ The shade of it all!
Clive Davis appeared on Wendy Williams and responded to Kelly’s statement saying that their memories seem to be different but he stands by his memory. It seemed like he was pinpointing that he was the one that gave her hit songs at a time when writers and producers were not investing in American Idol because of the stigma. He went on to praise her for her talent anyway. Keep it classy!
And then it got a little too personal…Clive went on to talk about his sexuality. After his second marriage, he met a man and opened his mind to the possibility that he could have a meaningful relationship with a man. He states that he is bisexual and currently in a loving relationship with a man. This is all too much for me…I’m just sayin.

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