Life is But a Dream…

17 Feb

Life is But a Dream...

So there’s no need to ask whether I watched Beyonce’s documentary. It would be like asking…is the sky blue. I went into moocher mode and found my nearest friend’s house because again…PREMIUM CHANNELS ARE NOT IN MY BUDGET.

Anyway, the only critique I have of the entire documentary…why is the camera so close?! I mean really?! It was very “Paranormal Activity” with the shifting of her eyes and the distortion of her head. It was…weird but I’m sure she thought it was artistic.

Moving on, I was impressed that she talked about so many rumors that have been swirling regarding her relationship with her father and her pregnancy.

To see her working was great…to see her face light up when she talked about Jay Z or Baby Blue was a nice personal touch as well. Between the Oprah special and the documentary, there seemed to be a few things Bey wanted us to gain:

Women are powerful creatures in that we are able to give birth but also run the board room and have meaningful and loving personal relationships.

Balance and growth are her lifelong struggles and goals

She loves her husband and her baby…and whoever that chick was in “Resentment” better KNOW THAT and STAY AWAY! Whew…I felt that emotion in my SOUL! I’m just sayin

What were your thoughts about “Life Is But A Dream”?

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