For the love of…Accountability

14 Feb

For the love of...Accountability

So I’m all about freedom of speech even if sometimes RATCHET. However, I’m also all about accountability. We all have rights, but we also have a responsibility with our words,

It seems that Lil Wayne is about to learn all about accountability. On the unofficial remix of Future’s “Karate Chop”, Lil Wayne made a blatantly disrespectful reference to Emmett Till. In short, he referenced how he “beats” a vagina like Emmett Till. Even in my use of different words, it’s still inflammatory and disrespectful.

The Mamie Till Mobley Memorial Foundation issued this statement in reference to the lyrics:

“Many have used the name Emmett Till, his memory and the legacy of his murder to educate, pay tribute, compare to modern day hate crimes, and simply share a piece of our black history with others. Many songs were written and other hip hop artists and rappers respecfully use Emmett’s name as a way to honor his memory. I am tremendously hurt, angry, and appalled that anyone would disrespect all that the name Emmett Till represents would feel that it was in any way acceptable to use it like this! Get ready because I’m about to launch a massive boycott!”

While there is yet to be any word from Lil Wayne’s camp, Epic Records CEO L.A. Reid contacted the family and the family then released the following:

“Just ended a conversation with L.A. Reid, CEO of Epic! He apologized to me and our family and stated the song is being pulled!!!! “Future” owns the rights to the song so they have the power to pull it. Mr. Reid stated the song was leaked out and he had not heard the lyrics. He is a man of integrity that values our family’s legacy and wouldn’t allow such heinous usage of Emmett Till’s name or dishonor his memory. We have yet to hear from Lil Wayne’s camp and he is the one that said it! It was all I could do to hold back my tears while engaged in conversation. Thank you Mr. Reid for now I can exhale.”

So my question for you is…what is the responsibility of musicians and other artists? Should they be held responsible for their forms of artistry?

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One response to “For the love of…Accountability

  1. chanChantal

    February 14, 2013 at 2:42 pm

    This “lyric” was distasteful and speaks to how he’s disassociated himself from his own race. I first heard of Emmitt Till in middle school when we watched “Eyes on the Prize” during history class. Not only did I weep the entire time, but some of my classmates did as well. I couldn’t understand how people could torture a boy for such a minor offense. I literally felt the pain he went through and his mother went through when she had to bury her son. I can understand how his Estate and other civil rights advocates would be upset, because of the sheer violence and hatred that killed Till. Lil Wayne needs to get off the drugs and come back to reality. He can look like a fool on his own time, but don’t insult the Estate of someone because you’ve lost your sense of identity. I think that’s what makes it more insulting, the fact that he implies black isn’t beautiful and has the audacity to reference someone killed for their skin color.


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