The SIP August 4th 2014

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If you ask Cam’ron…

If you ask Cam’ron…a woman that makes it to age 35 without getting pregnant has a wack sex game. Then he proceeds to shout out women with four abortions. So shame on responsible women…Cam wants you to know it’s not a good look.We’re currently in a glorified THOT moment. I’m hoping the trend will pass as quickly as it came. I’m just sayin… 


The SIP July 28th 2014


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The SIP June 16 2014

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The Sip June 2 2014

Have you had your SIP this week? Check it out!


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Tiny and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Tiny and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

So, we’ve all heard about the rumble that went down in Vegas this weekend. Here’s more info regarding the lead up to this all out brawl:

Tiny and Floyd have known each other for years, apparently longer than Floyd has known T.I. In the beginning of the month, Tiny’s girl Shekinah wanted to see Floyd fight in Vegas. Tiny acccompanied Shekinah and pictures have been circulating the web. Apparently TI approached Floyd earlier in the month in NYC about his intentions and Floyd denied any inappropriate dealing with the rapper’s wife. Since then, Tiny has posted pictures with Floyd’s daughter and with the boxer. So now we fast forward to Sunday’s brawl…

Here’s my theory, Tiny was fed up with all the cheating rumors and pictures of her husband with random women, so she used this situation to her advantage after seeing T.I. react to the first picture. Tiny has since tweeted blame on her husband claiming that he takes pictures all the time. Floyd has also since apologized to Tiny for referencing her as a “b—h” during the brawl. If you ask me…it’s a game of adult tit for tat. I’m just sayin!


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The SIP May 27th 2014

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